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06. Juli 2017: PGDay Russia, St. Petersburg

Diso Referent: Lothar Flatz, Principal Consultant Lothar Flatz
(Mitglied des Oak Tables und Oracle ACE sowie Inhaber des Oracle ACE Ehrentitels der Oracle Corp)

Vortragstitel: „Raiders of the data dictionary — Indexing for the Workload“

„Have you ever wondered about the quality of the index design in one your applications? After all, quite often the index design is done by developers who never see the database in action. How about not just fitting one index into existing complex indexes, but to create a complete new index design where everything fits together optimized as a whole. Would that not be very risky? How do you control the risk? How would you form your team? Where will you get the relevant information to do this? What tools would you use?“

Wann: Donnerstag, 06. Juli 2017
Wo: Crowne Plaza Airport, St. Petersburg, Russland

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