Oracle Licence Management

Our many years of experience in the jungle of Oracle licensing have taught us that Oracle licensing agreements almost always have room for optimisation, and that licensing costs can often be reduced. Working closely with our specialist partner LiGenius Solutions AG, these are some of the things we can help you with:

Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management is becoming increasingly important. This applies especially to Oracle, because the licence costs are painfully high, the licence rules themselves are extremely complicated, and audits are part of the business model when you use Oracle.

Licensing rules vary between different products and are often far from crystal clear. Oracle’s interpretations of these rules are also often not reflected in the definitions found in the contracts. It’s a jungle out there.

How, for example, might it be possible to negotiate individual items within a licence agreement more effectively?

Licence optimisation

Without regular review, the licence risk for Oracle databases is usually very high, for a variety of reasons. This applies regardless of whether you’re using the standard or enterprise edition. And if you consider the potential financial impact, that risk is even higher when using the standard edition. But particularly with the special Oracle product lines, such as Siebel or Fusion Middleware products, it’s crucial that you have access to high-quality licensing expertise.

JAVA Licensing model

Following the changes to the JAVA licensing model in 2019 (when Oracle made JAVA SE a paid product), many companies now face the question of how to manage the resulting strategic tasks. We can support you in periodically checking your annual subscriptions in relevant volumes, to save you from unnecessary costs.

An individual JAVA strategy that is based around your circumstances, requirements, and decisions can reduce your expenses.

Preparation for and support with audits

Receive an audit letter from Oracle Licence Management, and you’re sure to get a queasy feeling: Is everything properly licensed? How expensive can it get if Oracle presents unexpected findings? We have been assisting our clients through audit processes for many years. This is how we’ll work with you to find the right approach. We’ll inform you of your rights during an audit, as well as answering questions about which individuals are required or which communication guidelines should be observed. We know how questions like these often determine the outcome of the audit.

Unlimited Licence Agreement (ULA)

If you have already signed an Unlimited Licence Agreement (ULA), are due to renew your ULA, or are considering switching to this contract model, we can help you make the right decision and provide useful information to save you a lot of money. In some circumstances, a PULA (permanent ULA) contract may be a good idea. What is a realistic price for your needs? What about certification?

Oracle in virtual environments

Virtual environments are known to be tricky when it comes to Oracle licensing, as most common data centre technologies or those used in client virtualisation can drive up the licensing requirements for Oracle products. However, with VLAN Segregation Approval, you may only have to license parts of the virtual infrastructure.

Or perhaps switching to a hard partitioning infrastructure setup would be the right solution for you?

Let’s look at it all together and find out!

Would you like to know more?

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Daniel Meienberg