Network architecture

Starting with security – in your network architecture

Just as resources are increasingly being accessed remotely today and now only selected applications are hosted in a company’s own data centre, understandings of “internal” and “external” are also shifting fundamentally. The classic «perimeter-based» approach to network architecture , which focuses on protecting the corporate network’s outside borders,  is no longer sufficient.

How do you developed integrated IT security architecture? (in German)

New ways of thinking in network management

If only prompted by the pandemic, many top managers and other secret keepers are no longer sitting with their computers protected behind high firewalls, but at home. But what use is the most stable VPN connection if users working from home can access internal resources while completely unprotected from attacks? In the worst case, this could even become a backdoor for malware attacks.  Many CIOs concerned with network security realise that the primary objective when developing network architectures is to provide security around those specific groups of people who handle sensitive information, such as financial data or patents, on a daily basis.

Best-of-breed is no more

A lot depends on the security network architecture used. The best-of-breed philosophy dominated for a long time. This would mean finding and integrating the best possible solution for each application area. But this approach is complex, expensive,  has many gaps and comes with few interfaces. The complexity alone means that more tools often mean less security in day-to-day business. That’s why we advocate building integrated network architectures as the superior approach. The pleasant surprise for many customers is that this does not automatically mean higher security budgets.

The next milestone: Zero Trust

And to return to our intern quoted at the beginning: Forrester’s legendary study on the Zero Trust alternative security concept appeared in 2010. In 2017, we implemented an end-to-end Zero Trust solution for the first time with the development of the Secure Workplace.

Cloud Security – Diso Secure Workplace

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