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Looking for a way to drastically reduce your IT operating costs?

We suggest you migrate to PostgreSQL supported by the Diso experts!

Why PostgreSQL?

  • No licence costs involved – you pay for support only!

  • Leading open-source database management system which conforms to the ANSI-SQL:2008 standard and is fully ACID compliant

  • Extended enterprise features thanks to EDB Postgres

  • No vendor lock-in effect, uncompromising stability, high scalability, mature security concept and cloud-ready

  • An excellent alternative to commercial enterprise databases such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server – without complicated licencing

Why Diso?

  • Diso AG is a renowned Swiss data and cloud expert with deep database and migration know-how

  • As cloud experts we migrate your commercial database into the Diso PostgreSQL Cloud for even more drastic cost savings

  • We are customer-focused and technology-driven

  • We have a highly qualified database and PostgreSQL consulting and support team who assist you during the migration process

  • Diso is your experienced PostgreSQL partner offering migrations of any scale, support, professional services as well as cloud hosting

Easy migration to PostgreSQL by the example of Oracle

  • The EDB Postgres Advanced Server Architecture and the operation of the Advanced Server databases is very similar to the one of commercial enterprise databases. The dialect of the databases is almost identical. This makes a migration possible even when the database has an application logic.

  • EDB Postgres supports PL/SQL to 100% which guarantees  the continued existance of the database logic.

  • The various PostgreSQL deployment options such as bare-metal, virtualization, container, private Cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud offer a wide range of operation possibilities.

Image: Migration process from a commercial database to the EDB Postgres Advanced Server

Do you need any more proof?

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