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While it bears some similarities with cloud-based virtual desktops, the idea of a digital workplace goes much further. In addition to a virtual PC workstation, it also covers various other workplace applications such as a telephone system, video conference systems, a VPN, and video cameras. All the required software – along with all data – remain fully secured in the data centre at all times.

Cloud computing and virtual Windows desktops, or indeed a sophisticated digital workplace, are key components of a successful digital transformation and massively increase IT security. It’s an open secret a hacker will always focus their attacks on the weakest link in the chain. This includes clients. Whether for securing the communications of board members or seniour finance, legal, or R&D execs, the Secure Workplace an ideal secure introduction to remote working.

The Diso Secure Workplace (in English)

Secure Windows 10 desktops are key

The Diso Secure Workplace allows all employees to access to secure Windows cloud workstations remotely. And as is usual with DaaS solutions, everyone can access their applications and data via a browser, regardless of device or location.

The Diso Secure Workplace
can be configured for individual target groups

Depending on your requirements, we configure the cloud-based workplaces with various device and server security components. This allows your employees to continue to work in their familiar Windows environment and even use personal devices. But what does that mean exactly?

Cloud Security: Diso-Secure-Workplace-Konfiguration-Beispiel

We clarify the details of every use case – right up to end-to-end encryption

Employees must be able to send external emails, print via the network, respond to emails from their mobile phones, and participate in a video conference. In some cases, even German BAFIN, Swiss FINMA or equivalent financial regulations must also be adhered to.

All the individual steps a user takes have different associated security requirements. Different security requirements arise depending on the individual user’s department and responsibilities. These are bundled into requirement groups.

The following matrix shows our configuration model for Secure Workplaces:


In 2018, we were awarded the Enterprise Mobility Award together with thyssenkrupp for our innovative Secure Workplace.

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