Database management

We’re fluent in Oracle, PostgreSQL, EDB Postgres, MS SQL and Quest

Working closely with you, we use conceptual, methodical, and organisational tools to tailor your database management to your needs – ensuring stability, performance and high availability for your databases.

Diso database management: Cleaning, restructuring, and adapting contracts

Database support

Our certified DB administrators take responsibility for all tasks in the database and middleware environment.

We solve your complex database problems in the area of Oracle, PostgreSQL, EDB Postgres, MS SQL, and Quest. As specialists with many years of experience, we will always find a solution for you.

Managed services

Operational management or operational support for middleware and databases with guaranteed response times via SLA.


New software or environment? We are also happy to assist with these matters. We also work together with excellent partners who specialise in implementations.

Application development

Diso AG has developed various high-level secure apps, such as the tax application for tobacco and beer in Lichtenstein.


Although no longer strongly focused on development, Diso AG works with highly qualified developers and has valuable partners in this area.  

Oracle licence consulting

We guide you through the licensing jungle while highlighting potential savings. Our many years of experience show that Oracle licensing agreements almost always have room for optimisation. Working closely with our specialist partner LiGenius Solutions AG, we are happy to help you optimise your licensing costs. Some of the questions covered include:


  • What do you currently need in terms of licences or subscriptions?
  • Where and how can your requirements be reduced?
  • How can you optimally adapt your contracts?
  • What do you need to do today to realise your future IT strategy?
  • How do you prepare for an audit and how can we support you?

Database software

Database software should be compatible with all database editions and secure capacity for future growth. This is why it pays to receive comprehensive advice from Diso AG’s experts. More than two decades of experience in the field make all the difference.


Are you planning a change of hardware? We would be delighted to advise and support you in this area, too – helping you to make the right decisions.

Our own dedicated computer centre

Diso AG has its own data centre in Zurich. As a customer, you have the option of hosting your infrastructure with us. This means you benefit from:


  • High availability
  • Data storage in Switzerland
  • Switzerland-based support
  • Disaster tolerance
  • Performance tuning
  • Installation, upgrade, and migration


Our extensive experience running our own secure data centre allows us to offer you expert advice and upgrade your expertise – even regarding the operation of your own data centre.


We also offer our customers Database-as-a-Service (DbaaS): This scalable on-demand platform can be provided on a self-service basis, allowing you to migrate your Oracle, PostgreSQL, or EDB Postgres databases to the private cloud, eliminating major cost factors such as hardware provisioning, etc.

Do you have questions?

Please get in touch. I’ll be happy to assist you further. 

Elias Asbrede

Account Manager

Elias Asbrede