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Keep track of your working time – simply, anywhere.

Chronoscope for Jira

Track your time by pushing PLAY & STOP!
By Diso AG

From now on it’s even easier to track project-specific time – down to the very second!

> Track your working time with a Stopwatch

> Work on multiple JIRA systems

> Browse the Cockpit for fast access to your tasks

> Get an overview of all your work logs

> Search for specific issues

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Keep track of your working time with the integrated stopwatch

Your working time is much too precious to simply be measured by a rule of thumb. Thanks to the integration with JIRA, working times can be reported specifically on an individual task. In the twinkling of an eye.

By using the Stopwatch (Chronoscope) you see all your active tasks and their actual working time. Switching between them is now even easier! Touch the PLAY Button to clock your time.

Finished working? Just hit STOP and enjoy your evening!

Download Jira Mobile App for iphone

Work on multiple JIRA systems simultaneously

Do you have to use more than just one JIRA system? Not a problem! Just create another profile and start to track your working time. It’s even possible to work on the same JIRA system with multiple users.

Switching profiles takes you a maximum of three swipes! Log yourself out and choose your desired profile by clicking on another avatar.

Download Jira Mobile App for iphone


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Easily find your tasks with the smart cockpit

Browse the cockpit for fast access to any task you are looking for. Bring up all related projects assigned to you as well as recently reported or updated tasks. Or use your customized filters for an even faster access to them. 

Use the search engine on each list to filter and lazily load your tasks. Even more awesome: Work on beautiful, useful and simple screens!

Download Jira Mobile App for iphone

Keep a clear sight on all performed tasks

Get a quick overview over all performed tasks. Per project, or Day-by-day. Manage your work logs easily, by adjusting, deleting or registering time logs.

Wanna start to log some time on this task? Hit the chronoscope in the lower-left corner and immediately start your work!

Download Jira Mobile App for iphone

Atlassian Jira Task Overview Mobile App

Atlassian Lazy search mobile app

Input. Find.

Search and filter your tasks by JIRA key, description or summary. It has the same behavior as the Atlassian JIRA search engine.

So if you are already used to JIRA, you don’t have to get to know this one. The lists are getting updated on each click. AND lazy loading works at its best!

Download Jira Mobile App for iphone

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iOS8 optimized

JIra Atlassian Mobile app

Atlassian JIRA REST API 6+ supported

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